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 What to do, what to do.....

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Zero Twilight
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PostSubject: What to do, what to do.....   Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:34 pm

Zero walks into the old science lab with some leather and block of steel. Zero throws the block of steel to the side and sits down on a stool near a table. From his pockets, Zero pulls out some thread and a needle. Zero then starts to sew the leather together, peice by peice, shaping it out into something new. Once the peice of leather was set, Zero then turned his attention to the block of steel he threw to the side earlier. Zero brings up his right thumb and bites into it, causing it to bleed. As the blood drips, Zero manipulates it to a claw like object to grab the block and bring it to him. Once the block was before Zero, he formed the blood over his finger tips to act as knives as he started to cut the block down. Zero cuts the block into 3x3 smaller blocks of iron, until he has 20 blocks left. Once that task was accomplished, Zero moves the extra peices to the side; to be used for later. Zero then starts to cut the 3x3 blocks into razor sharp points with a wide bottom and a thinner mid section. Zero brings back his peice of leather that he sewed up earlier. With his knife-like blood fingertips, Zero cuts small holes in the top; five rows, four holes to a row. Zero takes the metal peices and places them into the hole, the sharp tips pointing out. Sewing up the holes back in, Zero adds a strap to the bottom of the leather. Zero takes the extra steel and cuts it very thinly, into flexable sheets. Zero then covers the leather with the steel. Once that was all done, Zero places the object onto the back of his hand and uses the strap to hold it in place. Zero has accomplished creating a Cestus, a boxing glove before boxing gloves with spikes on the back hand, but with the added steel covering for more durability. " Well, better put this toy to use. "

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What to do, what to do.....
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