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 Long awaited death

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PostSubject: Long awaited death   Tue May 12, 2009 10:37 pm

Kuroki continued killing, creating a path toward the Seiritei. Unknown to him, Jin, the general-commander waited for his arrival. Kuroki wandered toward the Blue Stream Gate(Eastern Gate). The giant, Kaiwan was ordered to stand aside.

Kuroki finally meet up with the captain, who was stranding steal, with his glasses resting on his face. Kuroki changed Vernichtung into a metallic bow, and used his "Spear of Longinus" technique. Jin, in quick succession, unsheathed his sword. Brushing the attack away, and used a flash step to close the distance between the two. As he did this, he palmed Kuroki in his chest, knocking him back. Kuroki stood up, changing his doll into a sword. He quickly ran toward Jin, using his own kind of flash step to gain momentum. He unleashed powerful, and fast blow. Of course this two was brushed aside. Jin quickly impaled Kuroki in his stomach, bringing him to his knees.

His memories ran through his head, of what brought about this life of carnage. Remembering all those he slaughtered. Tiredness engulfed his mind, and resentment of his life. He quickly back away from Jin, so that he could gather himself. He didnt want to die without fighting. For the first time in his life he wanted live. He quickly ram toward Jin again, and managed to rip his haroi. He found himself bleeding from his arm, when he looked upon his found that it had been cut off. Jin held his sword to Kuroki's chest."I congratulate you on tearing my haroi, but it seems that you must die for killing all those innocent people."Kuroki fell before Jin's feet, he had finally found his escape from his carnage filled world. As he lay dying, his mask tore in half, revealing a smile upon his face.

"We readily excuse paralytics from labor; and shall we be angry with a hypochondriac for not being cheerful in company? Must we stigmatize such an unfortunate person as peevish, positive, and unfit for society? His disorder may no more suffer him to be merry, than the gout will suffer another to dance. The advising a melancholic to be cheerful is like bidding a coward to be courageous, or a dwarf be taller."
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Long awaited death
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