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 Arrancar Ranking Board

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Leader of the Arrancar Army

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1000/10000  (1000/10000)
1000/10000  (1000/10000)
1000/10000  (1000/10000)

PostSubject: Arrancar Ranking Board   Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:38 pm

Leader- Hikkito
1st Espada- Mateo
2nd Espada- Sylvie Rosette
3rd Espada-
4th Espada-
5th Espada-
6th Espada-
7th Espada
8th Espada
9th Espada
10th Espada

11th Arrancar-
12th Arrancar-
14th Arrancar
15th Arrancar
16th Arrancar
17th Arrancar
18th Arrancar
19th Arrancar
20th Arrancar

If anyone wishes for a rank they'll have to show their skill in a fight where I'll monitor and decide your rank depending on how good you are.
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Arrancar Ranking Board
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