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 Kaosu Gakusetsu

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Kaosu Gakusetsu


PostSubject: Kaosu Gakusetsu   Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:30 pm

Name: Kaosu Gakusetsu

Age: Virtual=27|Real=18

Race: Vizard

Physical Appearance: 6'2", Dark red spiked-back hair, Black blindfold (covers both eyes), Eye color [right eye|Dark purple] [left eye|gold], distinctive scar under left eye , Spirit world [Normal shinigami robes w/ black grip gloves] Real world [long coat, half-black half-white pattern, mask {color} (same as coat pattern), dark grey t-shirt, black pants, black boots (small spikes on the bottom), black grip gloves], many scars all over body, average body.

Personality: Cold, Non-caring, loves to fight.

Bio: This man has no family, nor does he care if he had one. Kaosu Gakusetsu appeared out of the blue. He decided to join The Soul Society out of pure boredom. He seemed rather unintelligent but passed the academy rather quickly. He prefers to be by himself or around very few people. He also tends to train to the point that he loses consciousness. A strange part of him is, that he keeps his left arm in his Shinigami robes. When it comes to fighting, he flings his left arm out making part of his robe come off his shoulder. His left arm is broken but somehow when he flings it out for a battle, he can move it fine like his right arm arm. He rarely ever takes his blindfold off for unknown reasons. A big advantage he has is his speed, strength, and intelligence. He is yet to be assigned to a squad, but insists to be put on Squad 11.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaosu Gakusetsu   Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:53 pm

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Kaosu Gakusetsu
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