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 Pluto's Techniques.

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Pluto `ColdStar


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PostSubject: Pluto's Techniques.   Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:11 pm

ファンの激怒 (Rage of the Fans)

//How It Is Performed;.
Pluto would use a type of “flash step” towards her opponent as well as “through” her opponent. She would flicker her fan open, at a certain force which allows it to open sharply as well as activating the needles inside the base of the fan to come out. The needles would decorate the top of the fan, seeming to create another edge, though it was spiky.

When running past her opponent, who also looks like she’s going through them, would she slash out with her fan, multiple of times. Once she’s in range in basically a half a second would she dance around her opponent’s form, continually slashing out until she came to where she had started flashing away. After that would she repeat these steps in just the matter of seconds. The maximum of times she can do this is about five times, each time causing more damage. Two of these times can be done in one post.

Once on the fourth turn would Pluto’s fan release it’s aura into the bloodstream of the person, the aura being of her cold flame, slowly paralyzing the person.

One – Little Damage, just little scratches
Two – The little scratches become slightly deeper, not gashes yet, but the cuts being longer, the damage being medium.
Three- The cuts would become slight gashes, the pain increasing immediately, the damage ranging between medium to major.
Four- Deep gashes would be created, the person’s body slowly becoming numb as well as slightly pale due to blood loss, the damage being major to critical.
Five- On the fifth turn, which most of the time it never comes this far, would extremely deep yet small gashes had been created, the person’s body becoming paralyzed for the couple of moments, the damage being Critical.

The time to ready this attack is basically instant.

The scratches/gashes last for a life-time, but, the numbing lasts for two posts and the paralysis lasts for four posts.


霧のマント(Mantle of Fog/Fog Cloak)

//How It Is Performed;.
This is only performable when Pluto uses her Bankai. As the Bankai creates a mist does she twirl her trident in a clockwise direction, soon hitting the bottom of the trident onto the ground. The mist would then form itself around Pluto’s form for a split second, Pluto then hitting the bottom of it onto the ground once more, the mist spreading out to create a heavy cloak around the area. The opponent would be blinded for a full few minutes unless they can udjust their vision.

No damage what so ever.

Two posts to ready the fog. Fog lasts as long as the opponent can’t do anything.

Not being able to see Pluto or anything else unless the object or person is right next to them until they get rid of the fog.


精神の保護 (Protection of Mind/Protection of the Spirits)

//How It Is Preformed;.
Only when her weapon is in its Zanpakuto form and only when her spiritual power is at about fifty percent can she summon the spirits of the anguished and the deprived to help. Using a prayer or a spell can she summon these spirits to help her last longer as well as ready her next offensive move.

No Damage except on Pluto. Every time a spirit is killed, a tiny bit of her life’s energy is taken away.

One post- Call the type of spirit, and why she needs them, basically a prayer/spell of some sort.
One post- Spirits to form a barrier around her, and determining the place she is in determines how much space the shield takes.
Every spirit that protects = half a post of protection.

Opponent unable to hit Pluto unless the protection has dispersed.
<<Will Add More Later~ >>
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Pluto's Techniques.
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