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 Lounging Room

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Pluto `ColdStar


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PostSubject: Lounging Room   Fri Apr 10, 2009 7:15 pm

Once coming up to the door would a person notice the type of wood used for it; cherry wood. On the wood would be elaborate designs, not story being told, but rather curvy lines which makes the door more welcoming. The door handle would be made out of brass, a key hole being visible, but the place where the key was; unknown. Once turning the handle of the door would a sudden calm and peaceful warmth seem to spread up from the fingertips of the person throughout their whole body.

Entering the room would the person notice the "warm and kind" feeling the room gives off. The room would be more spacious then it looks. Along the walls would there be newly coated white paint, giving off a normal look but upon the walls would be pictures of different exotic yet peaceful scenes of nature. From entering on the left hand side would be a pool table, which would be on top of a carpeted floor; the carpet being a maroon-ish color.

On the right hand side would there be a couple of steps leading down the the quite large semi-circle area. The bottom of the semi-circle would be made out of cherry wood once more, a couple of black leather sofa's as well as a single arm chair. The sofa's would be at the sides of the arm-chair, and a fireplace a couple of yards away. Between the arm-chair, fire place and sofa's would be a glass table.

On the other side of the room from the door would be a wall of bookshelves, full of different kinds of books. Leading from Detective novels all the way to fictional novels. A couple of arm-chairs would be placed in front of the bookshelves, a wooden coffee table between the chairs.

On the ceiling would there be a chandelier, the source of light coming from that. Every now and then would the crystals of the chandelier make light bounce off of it, the light reflecting around the cozy room.


Pluto had half dragged and half carried a male in her arms, the female having no look of pain or difficulty but calmness, though before she had reached the door did she straighten her form a bit, shaking her head once as the cloak hood slid off, the female soon obtaining a better grip on the males' form. Holding the male did she use her left hand to turn the handle of the door, pushing it open with her left-hand side.

Sighing once did the Leader drag the male in once more, making her steps backwards faster and more quick paced as she stepped down the two steps. She soon had basically flung the male onto one of the leather black sofa's, straightening up all the way afterwards. Her cold dark blue hued gaze lingered on the male before she had dusted herself off. Quietly would she mutter, "You better not cause any trouble..."

Then, turning on her right heel would the female walk off, clipping her cloak hood over her head once more.
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Kaosu Gakusetsu


PostSubject: Re: Lounging Room   Sat Apr 11, 2009 1:49 am

--He awakened rather quickly from his unconscious state. He kept his eyes closed for he could tell he wasn't wearing his mask. He put a hand at his side making his mask appear in that hand. He placed his normal mask back upon his face and got to his feet. He looked at Pluto from behind his mask, he still had hate for her but began to consider who the other female vizard was, before he lost control. Shook his head slightly, then using rather good stealth and hiding his reiatsu as well as his spiritual pressure, he exited the room with out a sound. The only sound that was heard was that of the door closing shut with a small creak--
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Lounging Room
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