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 An Amusing Thing Happened

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Takeshi Kyotaka


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PostSubject: An Amusing Thing Happened   Sun Apr 12, 2009 5:07 pm

This is actual footage of what happened a while ago. We told Kaosu he had sensed events, which normally could not be sensed... And that he godmodded on a player controlled bird >_> Well whatever! If you want to, read this amusing article where we argue about something completely pointless!... Since there were no consequences towards Kaosu xD

[01] Kaosu Gakusetsu : I role play the way I role play, maybe you should have a chat room instead of a forum where people can't READ

[01] Kaosu Gakusetsu : certain events in order to role play

[01] Pluto `ColdStar : So your indicating we can't read?

[01] Pluto `ColdStar : If we wouldn't, how could we understand the words right in our faces.

[01] Takeshi Kyotaka : Then let's take it from the view of the actual manga/anime Bleach.

[01] @ Zero Twilight : Just cause you read doesn't mean your character knows what is going on.

[01] Takeshi Kyotaka : Has Ichigo ever sensed an even taking part in Seireitei from the Living World? No.

[01] Takeshi Kyotaka : Problem solved.

[01] Kaosu Gakusetsu : Such annoyences..

[01] Pluto `ColdStar : Tch!

[01] Pluto `ColdStar : Look at yourself.

[01] Pluto `ColdStar : In real life conditions, you can't SENSE something thats happening at the other side of the world at that same exact time, now can you?

[01] Kaosu Gakusetsu : I am calm at the moment but just by reading your message you are rather angry at the moment.

[01] Takeshi Kyotaka : Adding to what she said... It was a whole other realm.

[02] Kaosu Gakusetsu : Well adding to what you sad this isn't real life now is it?

[02] Kaosu Gakusetsu : said*&

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : This is Bleach.

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : And it was a whole other realm.

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : Where nothing MAJOR happened.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : We're characters in this story plot.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : And in real life.

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : Apart from three slightly unusual presences.

[02] Kaosu Gakusetsu : No this is nothing more than computer informtion transfered to the inter for all to add their thoughts to.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : We're characters as well playing roles in the real life world.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : We're humans playing these parts ON the computers.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : Never the less we go by a story plot.

[02] Kaosu Gakusetsu : So you are say let fate decide? Sorry but there is no such thing as fate.

[02] Kaosu Gakusetsu : There never was and never will be.

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : @_@

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : Bottom line is! From Earth, you sensed three tiny presences in Seireitei.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : ..How old are you supposed to be..?

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : And godmodded on a phoenix.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : You're such a simple minded fool, you know..

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : No consequences.

[02] Kaosu Gakusetsu : I am tried of wasting my words with people who cannot understand another's point of view.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : The phoenix belongs to Moka..

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : u-u;

[02] Kaosu Gakusetsu katkesi yhteys Ma 13 Huhti 2009 - 2:03

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : ....

[02] @ Zero Twilight : ,0,

[02] @ Zero Twilight : .-.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : -Huffed quietly.-

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : -Sigh- There he goes.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : Can I make some accident happen?

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : If only people could understand each other. Yet we can not.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : u-...

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : u-u...^

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : Sure, he had his own way of RP. Nontheless, those were things unfair towards others.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : e-e;; Well, he's gone.

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : I gave off a simple reply. No warnings or punishments. He got mad and left

[02] Takeshi Kyotaka : Moka just missed something... Amusing yet frustrating.

[02] Pluto `ColdStar : ._. I dislike being frustrated..
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Pluto `ColdStar


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PostSubject: Re: An Amusing Thing Happened   Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:35 pm

Wow, re-reading that actually makes me laugh.

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An Amusing Thing Happened
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