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 Twin Blades

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Zero Mercy

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PostSubject: Twin Blades   Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:00 pm

Zero was walking throught the streets of Glasgow looking at the blue Rangers soccer team flags, scafs and balls almost covering the entire street that he was on, "Daaaaamn!" he says spotting it all and whistling. He sighs and remembers the green streets he walked through a few hours ago and the violence between a gang of those wereing the blue Rangers and the green Celtic fighting each other.

He sees a cloaked soul run out an alley and yawns. He blinks as a hollow like a preying mantis suddenly appears and attacks the soul with one of it's many sickle like arms. The newborn vizard sighs as he shunpos in front of the soul and realeses his blade, "Prepare to die!" he laughs and blocks the sickle with his white katana and smacks the soul on the forehead with the end of the hilt of the black sword. "Now there is no distractions... play time!" he shouts as the soul vanishes on it's way to Soul Society. The male tosses the black blade in the air and backflips over a second sickle and sheathes the wite sword, his dragon like armour cllinking. he jumps back as a thrid sickle slams into the ground where he just was and he uses it as a springboard to flip upto his rotating katana, Zero grabs the hilt still in a flp and as he falls he slices down the hollow shooting out a wave of darkness and landing on his hands as the hollow disintegrates.
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Twin Blades
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